How to start Yoga from Scratch



I know you are desperately looking for something. It may even seem like a waste of time talking to me. I promise you, the world is going nowhere.

In fact, let it wait for you.

I know, it may be a hard mind shift. That’s why should start a daily yoga practice.

Why and How You Should Practice Yoga


We have already talked about looking at yoga from a perspective of body preservation. But don’t be fooled by the tranquility of the exercises. Not only your body is getting stronger, but your mind is as well.

Obviously, to start a yoga practice, you could join a local group.

But you can also start at home. And to begin, you don’t really need to understand the deep roots of yoga or its positive effects on your body.

For the first few days, all you need is to learn the most basic yoga pose every – the quarter lotus, which simply means sitting down and crossing your legs. Now imagine that the back of your head is drawing a circle and bow down. You should feel your back stretching but it should not hurt, so don’t overdo it.

Moving forward


As you get used to the yoga practice, look for different types of yoga, for example: Sivanada Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Scaraveilli Yoga.

These are different ways to practice yoga, from calm meditation-like practice to the most physically challenging poses you have imagined. Though, you should remember it’s not a competition. It’s not about moving though poses with the goal of reaching the hardest one but finding what works best for you. You may think of it as a journey of getting to know yourself.

Don’t be afraid of the weird sounding names and practices. Take in yoga day by day, notice whether you feel any better in the mornings and study this practice. Trust me, the time you spend on yoga will be much more valuable than the time you spend on social media.


We tend to think of yoga in the very basic terms. But it’s so much more. In fact, for billions of people it is a lifestyle, a journey to happiness or nirvana. It can be a key to your happiness, too instead of a way to stretch in the morning.